2404 Kirby Road
Memphis, TN 38119

Emmanuel Food Pantry

The Emmanuel Food Pantry is a viable and much needed local community outreach program for our church. It is sustained by financial and food donations made primarily from church members. Although there have been donations from other Sunday School classes, Emmanuel United Methodist Kindergarten, and some outside groups that meet at the church.

The primary purpose of the Food Pantry is to provide a bag of groceries for those people who have an immediate need for food.

Emmanuel does not require a background check only the request for food by calling the church office to be put on the distribution list and to arrange a pickup time. Occasionally they are asked to wait and call back because supply is low. All the recipients of the donated food are so appreciative for the generous relief provided by Emmanuel.

Each family is eligible for one bag of groceries per month which will provide food for 2 to 3 days only.

The Emmanuel Food Pantry was started a little over five years ago by the Sunday School class, Pairs and Spares.

Today the Christians Under Construction class oversees the day to day maintenance of the Food Pantry including rotating food stock, filling grocery bags and distributing to the needy.

Emmanuel has been able to prepare 20 – 25 bags per month based on supply.

In addition, the Food Pantry provides 20 – 25 bags of groceries, enough for a full holiday meal, at both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you would like to help feed those in need, please consider adding a few extra groceries to your weekly shopping list and dropping them off during regular church office hours.